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Overhated for Gurian escort wrote:
I do trust her. I know she won't do anything. Its the fact that she's is going to be staying with strange guys. Also the fact that we have missed out on so much travel together and we both said how much we want to travel together. Part of me thinks it is a tad disrespectful to me to consider staying with strange men. I would never in a million years consider that if roles were reversed. see the review
Enchiladas for Etrat escort wrote:
OP: Do you think part of the reason you're insecure is that both of you cheated on your spouses to be together? see the review
Porbeagle for Gilla escort wrote:
I've always been a little insecure. Probably goes back to college dating years. see the review
Quirk for Eva Hanna escort wrote:
If you feel she is crossing a line then you end things. You can't tell her what to do or not do. see the review
Mittman for Emilia Patricia escort wrote:
Personally I would not be ok if they are sharing a room (not sure if that is the case). I wouldn't tell her what to do - I would just end things as she crossed my boundaries. see the review
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